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Dr. John Dorsky,

I am a Board Certified General Surgeon who has been practicing for over 40 years. As a physician, I tried to deliver high quality, compassionate care. I believe that was key to my success.

I decided to create a place where patients can turn to when the care they received didn't meet the quality they expected. A place where you can get answers when the answers you got have only given you more questions. I wanted to create a site where patients can know that the individual who they're speaking with is only focused on helping you address your health problem and avoid unnecessary tests or risks.

Here you can ask for guidance and prevent "bad outcomes" before they can come up. A place where there is no reason to "bury the truth" because someone miss-recognized a problem before it was catastrophic. I want to ensure you have the peace of mind that you made the right choice.

Not everyone will need to be here. If you do, I hope and believe that you will be happy to engage in this service.

Everyone wants to get the best care they can. Get help from people who know where to find it.

“Prior to consulting with Dr. Dorsky, I felt lost while trying to navigate the healthcare system. Now I am quite comfortable in finding solutions. I wanted assistance in developing a game plan to resolve my medical problem. Dr. Dorsky actually cares. I had peace of mind that I was doing the best I could do to resolve my situation. Finding the right doctor, the right hospital and having an advocate to help one navigate today's health care system is almost mandatory.”

Marvin S.

"Over a period of a number of years I have had the unbelievable good fortune to have regular access to Dr. John Dorsky as my medical consultant. As medicine continues to be siloed into distinct specialties, I have found it harder and harder to assess exactly where I am and what the appropriate course of action to take is. Dr. Dorsky has solved that problem for me by his careful analysis and measured recommendations delivered in concise easy to understand language. And he has done all of this while being thousands of miles away, he is in Cleveland and I am in Los Angeles!"

Louis H.

"There is no doubt that Dr. Dorsky has immeasurably improved my life and that of my family members by virtue of his deep understanding of medical analysis and his unique ability to distill that knowledge into understandable summaries of any particular issue that he reviews. Dr. Dorsky is a gentle, kind and skillful caregiver.

Simply put, retaining Dr. Dorsky’s service is the best medical decision I have ever made by far."

Leslie H.

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